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About Ashley

A Coloradan

Ashley Wheeland was born in Colorado and grew up in the beautiful communities of Montrose, Trinidad and the Denver Metro area. Ashley attended public schools in Colorado throughout her childhood. 

For college, Ashley attended Colorado State University where she received bachelors and masters degreed in journalism and American government. Ashley finished her studies at the University of Denver, getting her Juris Doctorate and passing the Colorado bar exam.

As a Colorado kid who went to public schools, Ashley prioritizes Colorado's public schools and believes every Colorado child should have access to a great education. 

Ashley will focus on policies that protect and improve the state's health care systems, public schools, and economic rights, so that all Colorado families can thrive in  the  state's growing economy.

The Advocate

To learn more about Ashley's advocacy work read this article from Among the Colors: Inspired Women Series.

Ashley has spent her career fighting for Coloradans and their rights. From working for Senator Ken Salazar on health care, education and civil rights issues in the United States Senate, to her work in Colorado's advocacy community, Ashley has always been a voice for all working Coloradans. 

Ashley has worked and supported passage of important policies for Coloradans, including creation of Colorado's health care marketplace and expansion of Medicaid which has helped 600,000 more Coloradans get health care coverage, protections for LGBTQ Coloradans, and protecting access to  reproductive health care in Colorado. 

Specifically, Ashley has worked for leaders in Colorado's policy and advocacy community, including the American Lung Association - Colorado, the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, One Colorado, the state's leading LGBTQ advocacy organization, and Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. 

Ashley is a health care policy wonk and advocate, and would bring that knowledge to her work representing House District 9. Her career working for Coloradans has prepared Ashley to work on the many policies impacting Coloradans, including the budget  issues that continue to hold our state back.


Image: Denver post

Giving Back

In everything she does, Ashley is working for our communities. She is a volunteer board member for the Women's Lobby of Colorado, an advocacy organization, which represents and brings women to the Colorado Capitol to fight for gender equity in our state. 

In that role Ashley has helped advocate for important policies Coloradans need including paid family leave, pay equity, environmental protections, protections against sexual assault and domestic violence, and proposals to make things families need, like diapers, more affordable.

Ashley has also taught Colorado seniors, advocates and college students about the importance of policymaking and health systems - helping them speak up on the issues that impact their lives. She will work with her constituents to do the same.

The picture of Ashley (in a quickly homemade shirt) at the airport protest following the Trump Administration's racist ban on immigrants from certain muslim countries. She joined hundreds of Coloradans in support of refugees and immigrants to protest the rule.

You can reach Ashley at ashleyforcolorado@gmail.com.

AShley's Supporters

Senator Irene Aguilar


“Ashley has a long record of fighting for Colorado communities and their health care, something I am passionate about as well. I know Ashley will hit the ground running because of her years of experience in policy and representing consumers. She will bring expertise and passion to the Colorado legislature, something we need to make our state better.” - Senator Irene Aguilar

I am proud to have the support of long-time champion of Coloradans' health care, Senator Irene Aguilar. Senator Aguilar has served Colorado as a primary care physician for needy communities for over two decades. This experience is what motivated her to run for the legislature - to fight for access to health care - and she has a record of making that happen. 



I am proud to announce the endorsement of #VOTEPROCHOICE. This organization supports candidates who prioritize reproductive rights, health care and education. Throughout my career I have worked on policies to improve and protect these. As a trained attorney I am very familiar with the legal threats to these important rights and resources, and will fight for them at the Colorado capitol.

Senator Rachel Zenzinger

I am proud to have this education champion's endorsement. Senator Zenzinger's passion for our children's education is inspiring and she has been fighting for it throughout her career. She also knows what it is like to work hard and the importance of listening to and supporting her community as her challenging election shows. With her perseverance and hard work she won one of the most contested races in Colorado. I am so thankful to call her a friend and a supporter.

Community Leader Peg Perl

Longtime voting rights and ethics watchdog Peg Perl has years of experience updating Colorado's laws to ensure fair voting and government transparency. She is an expert on Colorado's elections systems and her passion is protecting every Coloradan's right to vote. I am proud to call her a supporter and friend.

Dr. Mark Thrun

I am proud to say I have the support of long time advocate for the LGBTQ and HIV+ communities Dr. Mark Thrun. Mark's medical career has focused on serving those communities. He has served as the board chair for Colorado's leading LGBTQ advocacy group and my former employer One Colorado. I worked with him on projects to ensure LGBTQ communities' had information about their health care options, providers serving LGBTQ communities truly understand their needs, and fighting discriminatory policies for these communities in our health care systems. Like Mark, I have and will continue to fighting for all communities' health care.

Reproductive Rights Activists

"We are a group of friends and reproductive rights activists who initially met as Planned Parenthood volunteers. That’s also how we all met Ashley Wheeland, who was a staff member at the time working to advance equitable healthcare policies. Since then, she has proven time and time again that she won’t let us down. Precisely because of our experiences with Ashley, we trust her. 

We have phone-banked with Ashley, canvassed with her, protested with her, lobbied with her, strategized with her, planned events with her, learned from her, and developed friendships with her. Ashley is well-known in many activist circles, and that’s no surprise — she is consistently out in the community working on behalf of people across Colorado. She has been doing that for years. She has been doing that for her entire career. 

Our endorsement may not seem newsworthy — we aren’t famous or wealthy or well-connected — but we all deeply believe in the power of grassroots support to propel a campaign forward. That is why we are honored to say that we wholeheartedly support Ashley Wheeland, Candidate for House District 9, and we don’t believe that we speak alone."

Community Activist & HD9 Resident Kristen Seidel

"I have had the pleasure of working with Ashley over the past year while fighting to save the ACA, educating the public in upcoming legislation, fighting for women's reproductive rights, and working towards bridging conversations within the progressive community. Ashley brings a deep knowledge, drive, and leadership to all she does, and this is why I know she is the best candidate for House District 9. Ashley doesn't throw buzz-words and slogans out to win favor, but strives to make Colorado a better place for all who live here everyday."

I am proud to call Kristen Seidel (in the "Resist" shirt on the right) community activist and brains behind so many amazing resistance efforts this last year, a supporter and a friend. Kristen is one of the organizers of the Indivisible CD1. She  is a tireless advocate who helped beat back a full repeal of health care reform and continues to fight for our immigrant communities including the Dreamers. Like Kristen, I will never stop fighting for the rights of lives of all of our communities.

Democratic Leader and Volunteer Jean Richards

I am proud to have the support of long-time Democratic party volunteer Jean Richards, who is also a resident of House District 9. Jean has done so much for our communities, volunteering at every opportunity. She is tireless, volunteering in our election systems, with the prison community, with her church and with the Democratic party. Her advice and support make me stronger everyday.

Reproductive Justice Leader Karla Garcia Gonzales

"I believe in this woman. I have seen her tireless fight to protect our rights during these difficult times. And honestly, she is one of the few white women I trust in the policy world. I consider her a true white ally."

Karla is a leader in Colorado's reproductive justice community. The reproductive justice movement is a women-of-color let movement that fights for the rights and for policies to ensure that women-of-color can access reproductive health care, choose when and if to become a parent, and raise their children in a healthy and safe environments. It is a broader perspective which considers the social and economic barriers that our communities of color face in planning their futures. I am proud to have worked alongside Karla, and will work with the reproductive justice community on policies that ensure equity for all in our state.

Northglenn City Council Member Ward 4 Jenny Willford

I am proud to count Jenny Willford a supporter. She is a champion and supporter of many women running for office, and ran for office herself and is now a City Council Member in Northglenn. As a community leader Jenny is working to ensure her constituents have the city government they need to thrive and live the Colorado dream. I plan to do the same, fighting for state level policies like a living wage and paid family leave.